White Papers

When clients need to make the research case for their products and services, IESD develops credible, evidence-based white papers that address the priorities of educational decision makers.




In a competitive education market, it’s not enough to have a quality product — you also have to make a convincing case to customers. IESD provides research, writing, and editorial services to help clients reach their customer communication goals while providing value to educational decision makers.

Services include:

Case Studies

When clients want to showcase successful uses of their educational products and services, IESD goes beyond the typical interview-and-tell story — to collect, analyze, and report on hard data. For example, we typically request achievement data the district or school has collected that they attribute to our client’s product or service, analyze it, and report the results as a key part of the story. Sometimes we conduct a teacher survey of classroom implementation and perceptions about student achievement. The results are case studies that earn high credibility with education decision makers.

IESD collaborates with our client to identify key claims; conducts a search for credible research and expert opinion sources supporting those claims; reviews and summarizes the sources; drafts a white paper that presents the research evidence and describes how it aligns with features of the product or service; and revises the white paper based on feedback from our client.



When clients seek to promote regular ongoing communication with customers, IESD provides planning, writing, and editorial services to create customer newsletters. Such newsletters might include: